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Jaymie Hauversburk joined the Board of Operations of The Buddy Fund, a St. Louis-based charity providing sports equipment to underserved, at-risk youth. The Buddy Fund Chairman, Tim Murch, made the announcement.

Hauversburk, born in Springfield, IL, attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale on a D1 Track and Field scholarship for the 400-meter hurdles. She has 20-plus years of experience competing and coaching in Elite Athletics, including coaching Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) teams in Springfield and Belleville, IL., and Naples, Fla.

Her home is in St. Louis, where she is presently the director of brand marketing at the Missouri Athletic Club. She has 20+ years of professional experience working with businesses of all sizes in multiple markets, impacting Human Capital Management, Benefits, Marketing, and Branding. She is focused on creating and contributing to dynamic company cultures where people come first.

Hauversburk brings considerable non-profit, volunteer experience to her role at the Buddy Fund, including a leadership position in a domestic violence shelter, and support for a leading cancer-research organization. Her own efforts to support underserved communities through sports and athletics were shaped through the years by selfless coaches and teammates and their giving spirits.

She enjoys concerts, all genres of music, her dog Mo, family time, yoga, sushi and the beach, and sports, from golf and tennis, to paddleboarding and biking.

The Buddy Fund is a charity helping St. Louis area children without regard to race, ethnicity or religion. It was founded in 1962 by St. Louis Sportscaster Buddy Blattner to supply new sports equipment to other charities and organizations that used sports to help redirect and change the lives of at-risk underserved youth, including boys and girls clubs, police athletic leagues, homes for kids, community centers and after school programs.

Jaymie Hauversburk
Jaymie Hauversburk