Champion Our Effort

The Buddy Fund is proud to have the privilege of working with local community members to benefit to the St. Louis area. We would be thrilled to have you join our roster of champions.

Young Leaders Committee Members

Brendan O’Brien

Brooke Gray

Chris Lesure

Cole Tarlas 

Corey Lesure

Daniel Cortes

Drew Wilkerson

Jack O’Neil

Jayme Bertish

John Betten

John Randall 

Jonathan Babcock

Josh Bremer

Josh Bushman

Nate Kulla

Rich Laney 

Russ Heath

Sampson Norton 

Sullivan Erger

Tom Wesolowski


We are currently working to establish a committee of young professional leaders that can better connect with our recipients and can help shape future generations of The Buddy Fund. To learn more about this opportunity, fill out the form below.

Tom Wesolowski
Young Leaders Chair


Golf and Auction Committee

Each year The Buddy Fund organizes, coordinates, and produces an exciting weekend of golf, auctions, and camaraderie that serves as our sole fundraiser. Your volunteer support is much-needed and very appreciated. 

Buddy Fund Board

Our board members play an integral role in ensuring that our recipient organizations are granted the sports equipment and supplies that are vital to their organizations. Together we can change the lives of at-risk youth in St. Louis through sports. 

Any personal information you provide will be emailed directly to a member of our Operations Board. The information will be kept in strict confidence and never shared outside The Buddy Fund. It is against The Buddy Fund’s policy to sell, rent or loan any information regarding our members and supporters. The sole use of the information you provide to The Buddy Fund will be determined by the intent and purpose of your communication.