Our Leaders

Our Chairperson, Vice Chair,  Executive Director, and an Operations Board make up the leadership structure of The Buddy Fund, with the support and insight of the Advisory Board.

Operations Board

The Operations Board solicits all contributors, distribution of equipment to recipient organizations, all communications, and a variety of other operational duties. This is a volunteer group that is made up of business professionals who give their time and talents and are committed to improving the lives of the youth in our St. Louis community. The Operations Board meets at least once a quarter.

Young Leaders

Serving on a board is one of the most influential roles Young Leaders can take in order to have impact. It is a role that evolves strategic thinking and develops leadership skills. Connect with our BFYL to learn more.

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Advisory Board

This board represents a prestigious group of professional athletes, local and national sports broadcasters and St. Louis community leaders who advocate on behalf of The Buddy Fund.

If you are looking for an opportunity to positively impact our St. Louis community, let’s connect.

Current Roster

Tim Murch

Bill Lawson

Ann M. Lederman

Amy Tipton
Barbara Hussey
Bruce Conner
Cale Prokopf
Carol Dohrman
Chris Ferrari
Jared Freeze
Jayme Bertish
Jaymie Hauversburk
Joan Rejda-Heath
John Randall
Jonathan Babcock
Justin Diecker

George G. Kriegshauser
George W. Kriegshauser
Corey LeSure
Drew McLaughlin
Mark McCabe
Nate Kulla
Sam Norton
Shawn Rowan
Sullivan Erger
Tom Wesolowski

Charlie Young
Darren Hillis
Nick Lamb
Tom Twellman

Dr. Rajiv Patel

Jack Clark
Bob Costas
Dan Dierdorf
Whitey Herzog
Rick Hummel
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Denny Matthews
Bob Pettit
Jay Randolph
John Rooney
Mike Shannon

Dick Davis
Al Ferrari
Ed Macauley
Dick Morgan
Mitch Murch Sr.
Jim Nace
Richard Padberg
Chuck Roland
Red Schoendienst
Kim Tucci

Buddy Fund Young Leaders 
Anne Brauer
Brendan O’Brien
Cassie Bianculli
Chris Lesure
Cole Tarlas
Corey Lesure
Dane Grote
Daniel Cortes
Drew Wilkerson
Jack O’Neil
Jayme Bertish
John Betten
John Randall
Jonathan Babcock
Josh Bremer
Josh Bushman
Justin Dieker
Kevin Pavlacic
Nate Kulla
Rick Rose
Rich Laney
Russ Heath
Sampson Norton
Steven DeShazer
Sullivan Erger
Tom Wesolowski
Will Axmacher

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