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Tim M. Murch, Chairman of the Buddy Fund, a St. Louis-based charity that provides sports equipment to underserved at-risk youth, announced Jayme Bertish has joined the Board of Operations.

has been around The Buddy Fund for over a year now and has seen just how amazing this organization is and what it means to the community. “One of the biggest goals I have in life is to give back and make each and everyone one around me better however I can. One thing I love most about The Buddy Fund is that there is a true meaning to it. Because of The Buddy Fund, kids in our community are given a chance to make a difference and improve their lives. Growing up, I was heavily involved in sports and I am the person I am today because of it. I have seen firsthand the impact sports can make on an individual and that is another reason why I feel The Buddy Fund is so special and why I want to give my time and energy to this great organization” said Jayme.

The Buddy Fund is a charity helping St. Louis area children without regard to race, ethnicity or religion. It was founded in 1962 by St. Louis Sportscaster Buddy Blattner to supply new sports equipment to other charities and organizations that used sports to help redirect and change the lives of at-risk underserved youth, including boys and girls clubs, police athletic leagues, homes for kids, community centers and after school programs.


Jayme Bertish
Jayme Bertish