Jim Nace
Dr. Rajiv Patel
Shawn Rowan
Scott Sanders
Tom Twellman
Steve Walters
Tom Wesolowski
David Winson

John Cochran
Bruce Conner
Chris Ferrari
George G. Kriegshauser
George W. Kriegshauser
Chris Knopp
Nick Lamb
Bill Lawson

​Drew McLaughlin

Jack Clark
Bob Costas
Dan Dierdorf
Whitey Herzog
Rick Hummel
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Denny Matthews

Bob Pettit
Jay Randolph
John Rooney
Red Schoendienst
Mike Shannon
Kim Tucci

Corporate partners

Our corporate partners play a significant role in supporting the Buddy Fund. We are especially grateful to UMB Bank for their outstanding support. The additional corporate sponsors listed either provide huge leverage for Buddy Fund dollars, or participate as a corporate partner donor. We are especially grateful to these corporate partners.  

Platinum Plus Partners $10,000 + Annuallyly

  • ​UMB Bank

Platinum Partners $5,000 + Annually

Gold Partners $2,500 Annual

  • Cadeau
  • Cosgrove Enterprises, Inc.
  • Hair Saloon For Men
  • First Bank Commercial Banking
  • ​Drury Hotels
  • Dowd Bennett LLP
  • ​Marcone Supply
  • Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Riddell Sports
  • The Pasta House Company
  • Mari De Villa Retirement Ctr.
  • Markwort Sporting Goods Company
  • ​Missouri Professionsals Mutual
  • ​Dave & Susie Spence

Silver Partners $1,500 Annual

  • F​
  • Centric Group
  • Chase McKeague
  • Colonial Life
  • ​Luxo​​​
  • Mark Burkhart
  • Sprint

Bronze Partners $500 Annual

  • American Paper and Twine
  • Bopp Chapel
  • ​Cassidy Turley
  • ​Charter Communications
  • ​Clayton Schumaker & Madison Schumaker
  • ​Cosgrove Enterprises, Inc.
  • Dowd & Dowd, P.C.
  • ​Envision
  • ​Footwear Unlimited Inc
  • FTL Capital LLC
  • Greg and Merle Fox
  • Greater St. Louis Community Foundation/
    Lipton Family Foundation

  • Greater St. Louis Community Foundation/
    Robert O'Brien Family Foundation

  • HealthScope Benefits
  • HTE Technologies
  • ​​Heartland Bank
  • Jeffrey and Liselotte Fox
  • Jon Don
  • ​Jim Lang
  • Keifer Bonfanti & Co
  • LDI Intergrated Pharmacy
  • ​Lou Fusz Automotive Network
  • ​Maritz Inc.​​
  • ​Miss Elaine Inc
  • MMMM (Mitch Murch's Maintenance Management)
  • ​Massage Envy
  • ​Matera Paper Company
  • Nightline Express, INC.
  • Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • ​Regal Distributing
  • ​Riddell Sports
  • ​Starks & Associates Sandler Training
  • Steve Trulaske
  • St. Louis Parking Company
  • ​St. Louis Pipe Supply
  • ​Stonebridge Sourcing Solutions Inc.
  • ​St. Louis Equity Fund
  • St. Louis Pipe and Supply
  • ​Tacony Family
  • The Pasta House Co
  • The International Companies
  • TCS-Homes, LLC
  • ​TSI Holding Co
  • Tom and Denise Winter
  • ​Tom Wilcox
  • Towers Watson
  • Whelan Security Company
  • ​9's Magazine

The Buddy Fund helps more than 15,000 boys and girls each year.

Our members, sponsors and friends passionately believe in our cause and our effectiveness, enjoy the camaraderie of occasional get-togethers, and like knowing that their contributions are used efficiently right here in St. Louis. If you, or your company, are looking for an efficient and rewarding way to help the at-risk youth of St. Louis, and if you enjoy making new friends and acquaintances, the Buddy Fund is a wonderful choice.

Changing Lives Through Sports

our supporters

Advisory Board


This board represents a prestigious group of professional athletes, local and national sports broadcasters and St. Louis business leaders who provide awareness, leadership and council to help guide, support and grow The Buddy Fund. 

operations Board


The Operations Board solicits all contributors, distribution of equipment to recipient organizations, all communications, and a variety of other operational duties. This is a volunteer group that is made up of business professionals who give their time and talents and are committed to improving the lives of the kids in our St. Louis community.