We seek to improve the character and life-skills of disadvantaged kids by delivering sports equipment to organizations providing structured sports and recreational activities in the metro St. Louis region.

Who We Help

To provide every disadvantaged youth the opportunity to participate in sports.

Your generous donations go directly to more than 45 recipient organizations.  Over 15,000 needy kids are helped yearly.



Fact: A sports-minded kid is a much tougher target for negative influences.

Over 15,000 needy kids are helped yearly!


It is a proven concept that boys and girls participating in organized sports are not only off the streets, they are learning to play by the rules, developing confidence, learning the value of teamwork and setting personal goals. Equally important, school attendance and C-level grades are required by well-run sports programs. That all adds up to much higher odds of success and happiness.


Exceeding our 50th anniversary, the Buddy Fund continues to successfully and efficiently improve the lives of at-risk St. Louis kids. Since 1962, the impact of our mission, and the breadth of our reach into the community have continued to expand positively enriching over 450,000 at risk youth.