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"The Buddy Fund has helped our organization by allowing our residents to play sports and learn new activities. The Buddy Fund has donated lots of basketballs, soccer balls, and kick balls (to name a few) and has allowed us to provide the best Recreational activities possible."

Debbie Taylor

Epworth Children & Family Services


The Buddy Fund



The Buddy Fund enriches the lives of at risk youth by making sports opportunities available through local service organizations.


"Buddy Fund helps keep our kids stay engaged in positive activities and away from drugs, jail or worse..."  READ MORE

"97 percent of our seniors graduated from high school having sports available motivates kids to come to school..." READ MORE

"Sports offers incentives for our kids to make positive choices..."  READ MORE

"Our Students learn about sportsmanship and how to compete with their peers elsewhere....."   READ MORE

"Buddy Fund has touched the lives of our students for three years...that's 1,1725 kids..!"   READ MORE

Sports-Based Programs Article

Recently, Tim Murch, Buddy Fund Chairman, had an article published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  The article talks about how sports-based programs help youth at risk in the St. Louis area.  

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Buddy Fund Segment on KMOV TV

Photo of the 2013 Champions for Children event.

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Buddy Fund Testimonials

Sportscaster Doug Vaughn interviewed Gene Slay's Boys' Club and The Buddy Fund.  This was a great feature about the two Charities all in an effort to help children in the St. Louis area. We appreciate Doug and KMOV TV for featuring us on their station.  You can watch the segment by clicking on the play button below.

Bob Costas talks about the Buddy Fund.

Thank you to all, that attended the 2013 Champions for Children event at Busch Stadium.  It was a great night supporting two great St. Louis Charities!